Calavera Tequila

CALAVERA TEQUILA is based on Mexican traditions dating back to 1930’s. We are proud of our partnership with DESTILADORA DE AGAVE AZUL, S.A. de C.V., a 100% Mexican company, established in the town of San Juanito de Escobedo, located 80 km from Guadalajara, in the western center of the State of Jalisco.

Their history rich in tradition begins with Don Anselmo García, a visionary merchant who for many years traveled the Tequila route offering his handicrafts made from Tule (hats, “Chinas para el agua”, “petates” among others) and it was on those tours that he knows the aguardiente drink (nowadays known tequila) and is interested in its artisanal elaboration process.

This is how when observing the natural growth characteristics of agave plantations (at that time known maguey) he decides to take the plant to the town of San Juanito de Escobedo and that is how in 1930 he gave rise to the tavern to make such drink.

The tavern became a meeting point for the townspeople who enjoyed the artisanal drink in the company of their friends and family.

In 1996, a group of businessmen decided to restore the distiller and that’s when “DESTILADORA DE AGAVE AZUL, S.A. of C.V.” was founded.

After learning about the history of the place belonging to his great-grandfather Don Anselmo García, Mr. Jose de Jesús García García is the one who decides to start again the tradition of making a high quality tequila, positioning it both in the national and international market.


40% ALC. VOL. (80 PROOF)

AROMA: Floral, Fruity and Herbal with Light Citrus Notes.

BODY: Full-bodied tequila with strong drainage in legs.

COLOR: Crystal Clear with Silver Hints.

TASTE: Big agave notes with Citrus and fruit taste on the palet.

FINISH: Warm with Medium Body and Short, But Smooth Finish, Followed by Dryness.


40% ALC. VOL. (80 PROOF)

AROMA: Scents of caramel, agave, honey and white pepper.

BODY: Full-bodied tequila with strong drainage in legs.

COLOR: Very light pale straw.

TASTE: Spicy and sweet at the same time, touches of earthy agave, hints of vanilla and honey caramel sweetness.

AGING: 4 months in used American white oak whisky barrels.(Jack Daniels barrels)

FINISH: Nice linger, full of pepper and spice, lingering sweetness of honey and caramel.

Calavera Tequila 100% Agave. Anejo.

40º Alc. Vol. (80 Proof)

SENTS: Sweet caramel, vanilla with a touch of dried ripe fruits. 

COLOR: Amber colored brilliant, clear and transparent with copper reflections.

TASTE:  Soft dried fruits, vanilla and a light touch of chocolate.  

BODY: Full body with strong drainage in legs.


FINISH: Medium Soft